Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I Teach. Do You?


     I stopped by a gas station on my way home to get a knick-knack. On my way into the store, I noticed a man in a nice, large pick-up truck eyeing me. I looked at him momentarily and advanced into the store thinking, "This mofo is lookin' at me like he wanna do somethin'." I got a bit perturbed because my goal is to get home to my family after 14 hour days as quickly as possible. I began to calculate my movements and the possibilities as how this could turn out. While at the counter, the man from the truck walks into the store and stares at me with a wicked smile. He walks up to me and immediately grabs me and bear hugs me, lifting me from the ground a couple of inches. I look at him the entire time and recognize him as one of my former, non-traditional students; he is a few years older than me, an Iraqi War veteran, and strong as a wild, angry, unfed bull. We hug. Not the dap and hug, but a full bodied, open-armed hug. We talk and catch up, and as he was leaving, he said, "Love you, mane." You can't imagine what that means to me. If you do the work, when you do the work, the work tells you!! 

                                                                                                          -Gee Joyner