Wednesday, June 14, 2017

When Being Funny Goes Wrong: A Comedian's Take on the Relevancy of Bill Maher and How Liberalism Got Too Comfortable With Black America


    When a rich, famous Jew calls himself a “house nigga,” we are all in trouble.  Webster’s Dictionary defines “house nigga” as “a Uncle Tom-ish Black slave that works in the home of his white master serving domestically.  Rumored to be treated better than the field slave also having the listening ear of his master.  The truth of the matter is Real Time with Bill Maher is a left-focused show pandering to progressive Democrats and Gays.  The Trump election, in regards to Russian conspiracy theory, showed proof of how delusional and disconnected political elitist liberals have become with the everyday working white voter.  Trump’s victory spit in the face of intellectuals such as Maher.  How do you remain relevant on the losing team?  The struggle is trying to sound young, fresh, and edgy when you’re an old, white, lame millionaire.

Who cares?  Less and less people obviously.  Maher’s attempt to evoke passion into his stale show’s format was to invite Alt-Right leader, and all around rebel rouser, Milo Yiannopoules on the show for a crossfire debate.  Milo showed himself to be everything Bill once was yet is no longer.  His point of view and outsider’s swag made the geezers on the panel seem older than they actually are.  Maher had a difficult task ahead.  How does he prove to his audience he is still criminally insane without harming any group of people with true power and privilege enough trigger real world consequence? He picked a powerless target.

            Common sense tells us white people have a simple equation; your life for my luxury.  American whites are willing to continuously kill to ensure a quality of life for themselves.  Anyone in America is a beneficiary by proxy of those theatrics.  All races, other than Anglo-Saxon Americans, can be called “house niggas” from enjoying freedoms offered in this nation.  Bill told the truth.  He, as we all are, is a “house nigga.”  With a stinging comedic delivery, he told a useless and tactless truth as a publicity stunt that backfired—only a little bit.  Ultimately, the stunt, though it angered many, was successful in that Real Time with Bill Maher is still airing on HBO and his name has been in the media and on the tips of the pens of bloggers for the past week and a half.  Maher has been revitalized and made relevant again.  Blacks cannot stop whites from saying “nigga,” so it is in the best interest of Black Americans to cease being so easily offended and enraged and emotionally-puppeteered by attention-seeking puppet masters.

                                                                                         -Henry “House Nigga” Coleman
      (Instagram: Henry.Coleman.733)
      (Twitter: @comichenry)

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  1. "Simple equation: your life for my luxury."

    I fell out and revived my own sensibilities from this one line alone. Mortified, outraged... They didn't describe me watching and reading about this moment. Incredulous might come close. And the lack of denouncement from the (I believe it was) Senator? My blackness was too mentally exhausted from its existence in America. Brilliant post.